How we do it

8 steps to lasting change


Application and
Record review

A thorough assessment of your family’s history and background

Zoom with Your
Support Network

Meet your team virtually. Together you will identify family goals, expectations and define what a successful outcome means

Confidential Interviews

Investigating history and dynamics of the priority family member’s life with crucial peers, family members and collaborating professionals

Internal case review

Case consultation and collaboration within our team of professionals will review your family goals and findings to develop the most comprehensive and creative recommendations possible

Discuss Findings
and Develop

A summary of our findings and recommendations are provided. This includes a step-by-step process that outlines how to implement the recommendations with Doyen’s continued support

Executing Recommendations

Doyen Advisors and the family implement the agreed upon plan. This will include weekly family coaching, creating connection and discovering motivation within your loved one. In person family meetings may also be recommended

Family Coaching and Case Management

Goals and expectations are continually reviewed and shifted as change occurs within your family. Weekly family coaching and case management ensure ongoing support for sustainable success

Inviting your loved one


At any point in the process, introducing connection and environmental shifts
to discover your loved one’s motivation to change


What our families say about us

Our daughter was struggling greatly, and our entire family was in crisis. From our first call, Doyen did whatever it took to quickly get the right help for our daughter and for us as a family. They took the time to understand our daughter's unique needs and to build her trust in finding programs that were tailored for her. A multi-stage program has been needed for our daughter and Doyen has been with us every step of the way through this. As a result, our daughter is firmly on the road to recovery, after finally receiving help from the right professionals when many have failed us in the past. – Kim and John

We struggled for 3 1/2 years trying to find a solution for our son who was suffering through an addiction and trauma. Within 48 hours they laid out three treatment plans.  They provided us with professional opinions, education, along with compassion and hope for his recovery. Their partners, relationships with treatment centers, resources and staff, put our son on the path of healing, while continuing to educate us on how to best support him. Their role was essential during each phase of the process and his sobriety would have never happened without them. - Martin, Kathleen and family

Trying to find the appropriate help can take years and cost a lifetime of savings. We were at a loss until connecting with Doyen. The interventionists at Doyen Consulting Group were there to support and counsel our son while also holding the family up through guidance and compassion on our journey to get him help. The Doyen Group does not give up! If plan A doesn’t work, they quickly try something else. Our son is on the road to recovery, and they are to thank for this. - Valerie F.

Over many years, we have dealt with dozens of behavioral health service professionals, both the good and the bad. With that experience, there is no doubt that Doyen is a 5-star service provider. They provide very difficult, highly specialized services with care and insight. The individuals they employed were skilled at making us all feel confident and comfortable even in the most emotionally disturbing time we hope to ever experience. - Joshua D.