Jennifer Tarzia, MA

After obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at San Diego State University, Jennifer spent 5 years working at a private mental health residential treatment center, carrying the roles of House Manager, Line Staff Supervisor and Admissions Director.


Upon discovering her love for working with clients with chronic mental health diagnoses and backgrounds in a myriad of situations, especially crisis intervention, Jennifer completed her Master’s Degree in Counseling at National University and became a MFT (Marriage and Family Therapist). After opening a new treatment center in Seattle, WA, she returned to San Diego and began working with adolescents and adults with Eating Disorders.

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Jessica Yaffa, CPC
Senior Consultant


Jessica Yaffa is a certified professional coach specializing in relationship trauma. A two-time published author, she is president of both NoSilence, NoViolence and of the San Diego Domestic Violence Council.


Jessica has been featured in several publications including The New York Post, Darling Magazine, The Washington Post and Outreach Magazine. Her expertise and training programs have been sought out by the United States Military, Starbucks Corporate Headquarters, the NFL, MIT and the San Diego District Attorney’s Office. As a survivor of extreme abuse and one of the nation’s leading experts on domestic violence, Jessica continues to inspire a movement to end abuse globally.

Fernando Rodriguez
Senior Consultant

Originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico, where he lived until he was 19, Fernando has a lifetime of dealing with substance misuse disorders and mental health issues. Growing up in an alcoholic home, Fernando began drinking at age 10, which set him up to start dealing with his addiction and trauma at the early age of 19.


By age 21, Fernando was facilitating others to find the hope and sobriety he had experienced through professional help and different support groups. His sense of humor and continuous search for the next layer of personal work has helped him build the capacity to work with complex cases while staying grounded. He believes in the importance of creating a sense of safety when working with people suffering from addiction/mental health, and that without that safety, forward movement on the healing journey cannot be accomplished.

Tommy Walker, CSAC
Senior Consultant

Tommy has worked in the behavioral health and substance use disorders field since 1999. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Boston University and is a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor (CSAC) in the state of Virginia. Prior to beginning outreach and business development work with regional and national healthcare organizations, Tommy spent 10+ years as a counsellor, providing direct care to clients and families. He dreams of building a program in Northern Virginia, where he grew up and started his own recovery journey.

Chris Bennett
Senior Advisor

Chris was born and raised in Northern Virginia, spending the better part of his twenties in Southern California, before returning to Virginia in late 2016. A story that many can relate with, Chris spent his adolescence in and out of treatment centers, wilderness programs, jails, military schools, private schools, public schools, and other institutions as a result of a substance use and co-occurring mental health challenges. Being in long term recovery since his early twenties, Chris’ ability to empathize, relate to, and connect with clients and their families is invaluable.
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Chelsea Brigham
Behavioral Health Consultant

Chelsea has a unique experience of being both the family member with an addicted loved one, and later battling her own addiction and eating disorder. By age 24, Chelsea was helping young women develop the motivation for change through speaking engagements, one on one work, and group engagements. Her continued personal work combined with her personal and professional drive to promote effective change is her motivation for helping families navigate the overwhelming journey of mental illness, addiction and eating disorders.


Chelsea brings empathy and understanding to each family and individual that she works with. She approaches individual and family coaching with compassion, experience, and effective tools geared towards healthy relationships, boundaries, and communication to create sustainable change within the family unit.

Christian Farr
Behavioral Health Consultant

Christian’s experience working in the field of recovery has given him an array of tools in helping clients achieve and maintain sobriety. In the course of the last five years, Christian has held a number of positions in direct client care within the substance abuse and mental health field.

Christian’s own long term sobriety and having both worked with hundreds of individuals seeking sobriety, he has developed an empowering, empathic approach while employing the methodology that works best for the individual client he is guiding. Through accepting guidance and taking action, Christian passion lies in helping people pursue their dreams through sobriety.